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Guided, $495 flat rate and guaranteed process. Making your divorce less stressful.

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The Difference

What make us different
Flat Rate

Pay one price for help throughout, not by the hour


Our system guides you through the process and we give you The Kentucky Divorce Guide


We guarantee the court accepts your divorce documents or we will refund your money

How It Works

3 simple steps
1. Answer Detailed Questions

Our streamlined application makes it easy to gather all the information needed to file for divorce.

2. File the Documents

We provide all the documents you need already prefilled. Simply sign and file your divorce documents.

3. Be Divorced

A new chapter of your life has begun. Who knows what's next for you.


Real people who were in your shoes
My husband and I agreed to keep what was ours and walk away. Brandon created the documents and made it simple.

- Ashley, Former Client

As a recently retired Family Court Judge, I had the pleasure of working with Brandon on numerous cases. He was always exceptionally prepared, very well spoken, and an excellent advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend him

- Dolly Berry, Former Family Court Judge

First rate in helping me correct BOTH my mistakes! Helped make the process as quick and easy as possible.

- Doug, Former Client

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Lets Divorce Us Is Different

Your Options

DIY Divorce

Best for those inclined to “do it yourself”
Flat rate for divorce documents creation
Create your documents in 30 minutes
We provide email support
You coordinate signatures and file with the Court


DIY with Review and Filing

We provide phone and email support
We review documents with you and your spouse
We coordinate signatures
We file the divorce electronically (making it faster)
We guarantee the Court will accept your documents
If not, we will fix the documents or refund 100% of your money

$495 + filing fees


If there are issues of custody, alimony, division of significant assets or debts, then you may need this option
Flat rate includes phone and email support, document review, and filing
We make recommendations and support child support and alimony calculations using Court proven methods
We mediate for up to 8 hours with you and your spouse
We help you reach a resolution and finalize your divorce

$1,995+ filing fees


Frequently Asked Questions

Our service provides you with the Petition for Dissolution, Entry of Appearance, Waiver of Service, Mandatory Case Disclosure, Family Case Data Sheet, VS 300, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Decree of Dissolution. It seems like a lot, but these documents are necessary to expedite your divorce to be complete. If you have retirement accounts of real property, additional documents may be required. Check out The Kentucky Divorce Guide to learn more about these documents.

This service may not be right for you, and you may need to hire an attorney. If you spouse will not sign, you will have to seek a “default judgment” against your spouse for divorce. Our service is for couples that agree on the issues related to divorce (i.e. property division, child custody and support) and want the divorce done right.

If you need to speak to someone, call our offices at (502) 233-9888 or by email at contact@letsdivorceus.com. We do not and cannot provide legal advice, but we are happy to help if we can.

Divorce is hard, and we cannot answer this question for you. There are numerous resources available, and we also believe that individual or relationship therapy can be extraordinarily beneficial. For some considerations, please check out our blog, “When is it Time for Divorce?” and additional divorce resources located here.

You aren't alone. Let us help.

5,000 people in Kentucky alone get a divorce every year. Let us help walk you through the process.

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